Size: 10ml

"Tulips" is introduced as a fragrance that captures the essence of the 1980s, designed for the modern individual who appreciates the blend of nostalgia and boldness. This fragrance centers around the singular note of tulip, embodying the decade's vibrant energy and the unapologetic confidence of its fashion and cultural ethos. Here’s a closer inspection of "Tulips" and its unique appeal:

Core Note:

  • Tulip: A representation of the fragrance's heart and soul, tulip provides a flowery, sweet aroma that is both delicate and commanding. It embodies the fragrance's ability to be soft and silky, yet impactful, ensuring it leaves a memorable impression.

Key Benefits:

  • Nostalgic Journey: "Tulips" offers a sensory trip back to the 1980s, a time of bold fashion choices and strong, confident vibes. It's a fragrance that invites reminiscence and embraces the power of memory to transport and transform.
  • Statement Maker: Designed for those who wish to stand out, "Tulips" is for the bold, the daring, and the confident. It’s a scent that announces presence, encourages individuality, and empowers its wearer to own their space.


  • Suitable for Any Occasion: Whether you're navigating the professional world or exploring the landscape of leisure and fun, "Tulips" is a versatile scent that complements both work and play, enhancing the wearer's confidence and femininity.

"Tulips" is more than just a fragrance; it's an homage to the power and style of a bygone era, reimagined for today's boss lady. It’s for those who love to carry with them the essence of nostalgia while making bold statements in their everyday lives.

Embrace the unique blend of floral sweetness and lasting presence that "Tulips" offers. Let this fragrance be a testament to your confidence, a marker of your individuality, and a bridge to the past that still resonates with vibrancy and power today. Whether you’re stepping into the office or stepping out for an evening adventure, "Tulips" ensures you leave a trail of fascination and empowerment behind.

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