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Shining Beauties

Here's What Nyia Had To Say...

Good evening you gorgeous group of Layered addicts like myself. Yes, I am addicted to this company, not just one of their perfumes, but I’m loving all of their scents and the ease in which to pair... ahem...layer, these perfumes. I came home to a wonderful treat tonight. This beautifully engraved glass tray for my perfume collection was sent to me by the fabulous people at Be Layered. I am so touched that a company would send us a gift like this. It’s stunning. Thank you Be Layered from the bottom of my heart. I truly appreciate it. I’m so touched. Now I get to rearrange some things on my dresser and play with my perfumes. 🤗 💝💝💝

Here's What Jenn Had To Say About Her First Order...

I got my package today with 5 of these beauties! And these are the ones I have thus far 🥰 waiting for Sunshine Vibes to come back!!! I’m so obsessed with Christmas in Egypt! I’m also waiting on a decant package too! There shipping was extremely fast and fabulous customer service! I’m a happy lady!!! 🌹🥰❤️