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We believe that fragrance is part of self-expression. Whether you feel like wearing a sweet and inviting scent or a warm and spicy scent on a different day, everybody should be able to own a fragrance collection that has a scent suited to their every whim and desire. That's why we've taken luxury fragrances and made them affordable for everybody.

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Our Promise

We at Be Layered believe that everyone has the right to pursue beauty and be different. Our mission is to bring every person unique and beautiful perfumes to uplift their confidence and smell amazing anywhere, anytime.

This is why we still keep our promise to make every order fresh and by hand to deliver the best possible quality fragrances each and every time.

We strive to make this happen with the highest quality ingredients available in the market, fresh and cruelty free oils and always an honest and polished product to be delivered to our beloved customers. One phrase we go by is "Quality is pride of workmanship." - W. Edwards Deming. Because we take pride and love what we do, we will continue to bring the best possible experience for everyone.

Stay Smelling Amazing,

Hany Hafez - CEO at Be Layered