"7 Samples of Choice" Sampler Set (5ml each sample)


Want to try one of our fragrances? Why not try 7 of them!

Discover the new and exciting, thrilling world of Layered fragrances with this unique discovery set.

Featuring 5ml travel-appropriate spray vials of 7 fragrances of your choice

 Tracking number included with your order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Came in 3 days, I was blown away

This has to be the most fun and exciting perfume sample set I've ever ordered. It got here so fast and I was surprised how big the samples were. I absolutely loved 6/7 fragrances. The scents are complex and beautiful, they seem really high quality. I'm ordering another set as soon as they're back in stock.

Not what I expected, but still impressive

I ordered the 7 samples I thought I'd like. I found out early on that I HATE anise notes..but that being said, the sampler was still worth buying. It was odd because I was so excited to open the package when I received it--but when I did I was somewhat underwhelmed. They all smelled similar to me, which was strange because I'd say I have a pretty heightened olfactory sense haha! Pro tip: DEFINITELY let your perfumes sit for a day or so. It made a HUGE difference! I came back later and it felt like I was smelling all new fragrances. After that, I felt a lot better about the purchase, and First Kiss is now my favorite, followed by C'est la Vie. I will likely order another sampler with some scents I haven't tried, and also avoid the notes I now know I don't like. Especially when it came to First Kiss, I felt luxurious wearing it; I received compliments on it, and I could smell it on myself all day! Even if some of the fragrances were not my personal preference, based on the ones I did like, I can tell that Layered is good at what they do. I would love to try out more!

Love My Samples!

Just received my sampler set yesterday and have been sampling since! I love ALL 7 fragrances and have my next set of samples saved to my wishlist already! Amazing scents, excellent quality! Thank you Be Layered!


I am so impressed and will be shopping here weekly! I live for a good fragrance and this is a great way to sample fragrances without the hefty price tag. So happy Be Layered offers so many original scents of quality. The packaging is perfect! I love that the tubes are a generous size and glass. I choose F@ck Me, Stinky Rose, Mia's Blend, Seductive Tuberose, My Sweet Dark Fantasy, Norma Jean, and Dolled Up of which all smell WONDERFUL! There was an additional sample of All In The Name of Love included which smelled lovely! I will be sampling more and buying bigger bottles of the ones I can't live without, which is almost of them! LOL Thank you Be Layered!

Miss Nat
Generous sized samples

I wasn’t familiar with this company and I didn’t want to blind buy a big bottle so I ordered 2 sample sets with primarily the single note fragrances. I’m so happy that I did! The samples were full, all the way to the top. And smell divine... This is a good inexpensive way to see which fragrances work with your body chemistry before buying a large bottle.