Sweet Spirit
Sweet Spirit
Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit

Inspired by Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille

Size: 10ml

"Sweet Spirit" emerges as a fragrance that exudes sophistication and versatility, drawing inspiration from the luxurious essence of Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille. This scent is a harmonious blend of rich vanilla and sweet benzoin at its core, complemented by an exquisite array of notes that together form a complex, multifaceted olfactory experience. Here's a detailed look at the composition that makes "Sweet Spirit" a unique and captivating fragrance:

Core Notes:

  • Vanilla: The star of the fragrance, providing a rich, creamy, and sweet aroma that's comforting and universally appealing.
  • Benzoin: Adds a warm, resinous sweetness that enhances the vanilla's depth, contributing to the fragrance's luxurious feel.

Complementary Notes:

  • Incense: Introduces a smoky, mysterious dimension, adding an element of depth and intrigue.
  • Cedar: Provides a woody backbone, grounding the fragrance with its earthy, sturdy character.
  • Ylang-Ylang: Offers a floral, slightly fruity and exotic note, contributing to the fragrance's complexity and sensuality.
  • Pink Pepper: Adds a spicy kick, giving the fragrance a vibrant, energetic edge.
  • Bergamot: Contributes a fresh, citrusy brightness, lifting the overall scent profile.
  • Bulgarian Rose: Infuses the fragrance with a classic, romantic floral note, enhancing its elegance.
  • Jasmine: Adds a sweet, rich floral aroma, contributing to the fragrance's luxurious and seductive quality.

Layering Options:

  • With Geneva Chocolate: Creates an indulgent, adult chocolate cake experience, blending decadent chocolate with sweet vanilla for a gourmand delight.
  • With Gelato: Evokes the sensation of Irish Cream, offering exceptional sweetness and a hint of vodka for a mouthwatering gourmand twist.
  • With Ancient Amber: Adds depth and warmth, enriching the fragrance with amber's rich, resinous character.

"Sweet Spirit" is designed for those who appreciate the art of fragrance layering, offering endless possibilities to customize and enhance one's scent profile. Whether worn alone for its sublime vanilla and benzoin harmony or layered with complementary fragrances for added complexity, "Sweet Spirit" is a versatile and enduring scent that can suit any mood or occasion. Its subtle yet lasting presence makes it a perfect signature scent and a layering masterpiece, inviting wearers to explore their creativity and express their unique style through scent.

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