Sunshine Vibes
Sunshine Vibes

Sunshine Vibes

Size: 55ml

This masterpiece captures the flawless scent of fresh ripe fruits warmed by the bright sunshine coming through the leafs. These leafs are white tobacco leafs. A weird aspect but when blended together it becomes warm and exotic. But Sunshine Vibes doesn't just stop at fruits, it adds a little bit of pistachio ice cream to the mix, giving off a beautiful and creamy sweetness to settle down any harshness. Then as the base shows up to the party it brings a bunch of friends like Jasmine, Mangnolia, Gorgeous Osmanthus and Sweet Juniper. As these notes may seem like a lot to handle, Sunshines Vibes promises a once in a lifetime experience with its magically blended notes. As stated before a masterpiece in perfumery and a must try for any day you need a little more sunshine in your life. 

Inspired by Amouage's Sunshine Woman

Notes: Osmanthus, Almond, Vanilla, White Tobacco, Black Currant, Artemisia, Papyrus, Juniper, Patchouli, Magnolia, Jasmine