Norma Jean


She is a beauty! A Sex symbol and all that you want it to be! Norma Jean comes at you with May, Turskish and Bulgarian rose without being a Rose bomb. Its amazing notes bring down the Rose power and dress it up with the most amazing accessories such as, sweet Tonka Bean, fresh Sichuan Peppers and a dark smooth patchouli that is do die for! Norma jean will have you feeling like a bad girl, the sexy protagonist of a movie and it screams signature scent! Like no other, Norma Jean is a Rose fragrance that doesnt feel like it came from your grandmothers garden.

It is seriously sexy and loud enough that it will catch attention from everyone around you. This is the fragrance that you want as your signature scent as it is super versatile being able to be worn in any setting. Night, day, hot, cold, dressed up or dressed down Norma Jean is sure to satisfy your every needs. A magnificent starter for those who want to try a Rose fragrance that is not too invasive. Norma Jean is chosen by most of our customers over Tom Ford's Rose Prick.

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First I rate 2 stars but never posted.
I am so regret to purchase this. The first time I spray on my skin, it is awful. It's like old perfume and keep for 20 years and the smell had spoil/ gone bad. Maybe the patchouli and maybe not blend well. I sit the bottle for couple days and try again. Yuck....not my favorite at all.. I like girly, feminine scent and I love love Rose and floral scent...but this is not my type of perfume... smell so old like 80's and keep for a long time and has gone bad... SO REGRET... I should choose other scent.. I just waste my $65 buck.

Absolutely Beautiful! 🌹

I was scared to try a rose fragrance because sometimes they're done terribly and smell cheap, but this is one of the most beautiful rose perfumes I've ever tried! I got it a few days ago and have been wearing it nonstop ever since, it is so insanely beautiful and delicious smelling to me and I'm obsessed! It smells a little heavy to me, but not in a bad way at all, I mean that its not light and airy like I expect rose perfumes to be. This is strong and intoxicating and long lasting, I must look crazy because I'm constantly moving my arms to smell it on myself all day. First Kiss from Layered is my first love from the brand, but this one is definitely up there with it and I'm struggling with myself everyday trying to decide which one to wear!


If this is the compilation of Tom Ford's Rose Prick which I haven't smelled, then I am overjoyed and elated I found it here! Tom Ford is expensive and sometimes doesn't have longevity on me. But Be Layered seems to deliver above and beyond! I am sold. This smells so darn sexy, rosy, patchouli, and spicy. All the ingredients for a showstopper fragrance! This sample isn't going last long, I'll be getting the big bottle next! Thank you Be Layered!

Victoria Normandin
The Best!!

This is the best Inspired Fragrance I have every had. Great!! If you are looking for a dupe of Tom ford Rose Prick you have found it.. Please don't hesitate to give it a try.🌺🌹

Miss Nat
Good dupe

This scent smells of high quality. Very floral, sharp with green notes. I’m normally a gourmand sweet type of girl but I ordered this as apart of my 7 piece sample kit because the TF version is so popular... it was a mistake, this scent is not for ppl who don’t usually like florals or green scents. I admittedly strongly dislike “green” and their is something in this that is very sharp. On a positive, this is long lasting with excellent sillage.