My Sweet Dark Fantasy
My Sweet Dark Fantasy

My Sweet Dark Fantasy

Size: 55ml

Sweet plump Jasmine makes love to May Rose, Indian Tuberose and Intoxicating Narcissus. Extremely rare flowers that present the sweet and fresh part of this Perfume, that is almost perfectly blended with a dark and sweet Amber and Damp Cedar that make up the darker aspect of this fragrance. An almost perfect concoction of precious raw materials create a beautiful, perfectly balanced, long lasting and a hell of a compliment magnet.

Inspired by Kilian's Good girl gone Bad


Notes: Jasmine, May Rose, Indian Tuberose, Narcissus, Amber, Cedar.


Layer with: Seductive Tuberose To put 2nd gear into the Indian tuberose and give it an extra touch of sweetness and floral making it more feminine.


Layer with: Insane Pineapple to create a more fruitier experience, add some "zing" and freshness to the whole experience without losing the feminine aspect.


Layer with: Geneva Chocolate to add a Gourmand vibe and to take down a notch the florals and round off the rough edges.