Mia's Blend


Gloriously sweet & aromatic up top, and warm & delicious at the bottom. Amazing all throughout the long lasting life of this wonderful fragrance. Mia’s blend is the best of both worlds, fun and sweet, yet serious and seductive. It features one of the most ancient aromas of this world, that is Myrrh, a resin that is warm and intoxicating, almost narcotic. It was used as gifts for kings, weddings, and very important people. Extremely regal and addicting, Myrrh is the big star in Mia’s Blend. To this wonderful aroma we add sweetness with precious Tonka Bean, Madagascar Vanilla, and creamy almonds. As if this wasn’t already an amazing blend. A fresh almost soft soapy fragrance of lavender crisps up the combination and makes this fragrance a work of art!

Notes: Myrrh, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Lavender, Almond