Little Black Dress


Inspired by YSL Black Opium

Sexy, regal and almost narcotic. You have just arrived to the most elegant ball in New York City! This ball is VIP and your ticket in is this Little Black Dress. The fresh bouquet of white flowers and coffee engages all those around you, leaving them chasing after your scent trail. The peppers adds a little spice to your already gorgeous gown. Deep, rich, complex with an “I can do it all” attitude is the perfect companion to all of your special occasions. Dare to be different, and seduce all those around you.


Notes: White flowers, Vanilla, Coffee, Orange Blossom, Pink Pepper,  Jasmine, Pear, Patchouli, Bitter Almond, Cedar, Licorice, Cashmere Wood



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Shaneeka Johnson
One word. EPIC!

This smells great!!! Get compliments left, right and center. Each time, I gladly point them in the direction of the "be layered" website.

Lexi Black
Super refined formula.. I’m impressed!

This smells BETTER than Black Opium, and I’m already planning my next purchases. Super impressive lasting power and really has a great depth to it! 10/10.

Side by side...BETTER than Black Opium

I am a perfume enthusiast. I own almost every single bottle from Be Layered, with good reason. I have a vast fragrance collection, which includes a 5oz bottle of Black Opium. This inspired fragrance, "Little Black Dress" actually smells better and lasts longer than Black Opium. There is a clear note omission in Little Black Dress, that makes it more appealing. I will be purchasing two back-ups, soon. This is an EASY BLIND BUY. A+

Hands down my favorite!

This is such a yummy, sexy, sweet scent. This is my 4th Be layered perfume and I’m so glad I got it. Total dupe for Black Opium and the price is so affordable. Will always have in my collection!

Better than the real thing!

I own YSL Black Opium and I really, really like it. But this one right here is everything Black Opium wish it could be. It is classy, soft, feminine and full of gourmand deliciousness. As long as Be Layered continues to produce Little Black Dress, I’ll never have to buy YSL’s Black Opium. It’s that good!