Hot Date
Hot Date
Hot Date

Hot Date

Ébène Fumé Tom Ford

Size: 10ml

Discover the allure of "Hot Date," a fragrance designed to capture attention and make an unforgettable statement wherever you are. Infused with an exotic blend of incense, pepper, and resinous notes, this scent is your secret weapon for enchanting summer evenings and cozy dinners alike.

"Hot Date" is meticulously crafted, featuring a unique harmony of Palo Santo, Dark Ebony Tree, and Guaiac Wood, which together emit a captivating woodsy essence suitable for any setting. Enhanced by delicate touches of rose and labdanum, it achieves a sublime equilibrium of adventurous and graceful notes.

What truly distinguishes "Hot Date" is its empowering effect. A mere application is enough to invigorate your senses, boosting your confidence and leaving you revitalized, ready to embrace life's adventures with open arms.

Key Highlights of "Hot Date" include:

  • Exquisite Balance: Its blend of woodsy, adventurous aromas with gentle, feminine undertones ensures "Hot Date" is a well-rounded fragrance that shines on any occasion.
  • Empowering Essence: The distinctive mix of ingredients is designed to elevate your confidence, ensuring you feel unstoppable.

Ideal for both a night on the town and intimate moments, "Hot Date" is the ultimate addition to your fragrance repertoire. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your daily routine with a scent that not only smells incredible but also emboldens you. Don't hesitate—invite the exotic, empowering essence of "Hot Date" into your life and feel the temperature rise.

Core Notes:

  • Incense: Offers a mysterious, smoky aroma that invokes a sense of mystique and depth, setting a captivating backdrop for the fragrance.
  • Pepper: Adds a spicy kick that energizes the scent profile, providing a vibrant contrast to the smoother notes.
  • Resins: Contribute a rich, warm base with balsamic undertones, enhancing the fragrance's exotic appeal.

Additional Notes:

  • Palo Santo: Known for its sweet, woody aroma with hints of mint and lemon, Palo Santo infuses the fragrance with a serene, cleansing vibe.
  • Dark Ebony Tree: Lends a deep, rich woodiness that grounds the fragrance, adding complexity and a touch of sophistication.
  • Guaiac Wood: A smoky, tar-like note that enriches the fragrance with its unique woodsy scent, offering longevity and warmth.
  • Rose: Provides a subtle floral hint, balancing the heavier, darker notes with its classic, romantic fragrance.
  • Labdanum: Adds a touch of leathery, ambergris-like quality, blending seamlessly with the woodsy and resinous elements for a harmonious finish.

Fragrance Experience:

  • Opening: The fragrance opens with the vibrant energy of pepper and the enigmatic allure of incense, instantly captivating the senses.
  • Heart: As it settles, the heart reveals the rich, nuanced woodiness of Palo Santo, Dark Ebony Tree, and Guaiac Wood, creating a seductive, woodsy core that's both exotic and grounding.
  • Base: The scent matures into a warm embrace of resins and labdanum, with a whisper of rose adding a delicate, feminine touch, resulting in a perfectly balanced and deeply enticing aroma.
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