From Russia With Love

From the Red Square in Moscow, where cold weather is a constant, a secret agent is born. A thick aura is created when you spray this fragrance pushing back the bone chilling weather with a beautiful combo of cozy Vanilla, thick Amber and feminine spicy florals. This is your secret gadget fragrance that will simply take on any blizzard, storm and even break through a cold heart. The feminine version of 007. Sexy, long lasting, and always dressed to impress. From Russia, With Love. (When in a situation of cold feelings, and you need to warm yours or somebody elses heart proceed with spraying till' warm and content) When compaired to MFK Ciel de GUM (A Moscow exclusive) From Russia With Love, outperforms it and it's preferred by our customers 9/10 times.

Notes: Amber, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Vanilla, Pink Pepper, Rose

Time of day: Night or Cold Days

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A surprise in a bottle

I received this as a sample and could not stop sniffing myself. I ordered a full 55ml bottle and im almost done...I have to purchase another!!! Gorgeous scent its like nothing else that I have in my collection. Just yummy in a bottle!!!

Dell Johnson
Bottle worthy

Having ordered a 10 ml travel size of From Russia With Love I can safely say this will be on my list as a full size bottle purchase. It’s Yummy. 😍

Sooooo familiar!

This was a free sample with my order and when I tested it, it seemed SO familiar. Warm, sensual, heady...earthy, spicy, floral, sweet... I came online only to find this is their impression of MFKs Ciel de GUM, and OH MY GOODNESS what a lovely job they have done! I have several samples of Ciel de GUM that I have been hoarding until I could order a bottle, but now I will be ordering from Be Layered for a fraction of the price and still be able to enjoy the same wonderful fragrance!

Marie-Josee Pitre

I received this fragrance yesterday, my first Be Layered purchase, and I must say that it is just beautiful! A strong opening with a soft and sensual dry down on my skin. Love it!!