French Kiss


Like the most passionate tongue twisting make-out session you've ever experienced, French Kiss comes at you with an energy and liveliness inducing love affair of premium Brazilian Love Rose Absolu and sweet luxurious Amber. This gorgeous combination is spiked by aphrodisiac pink pepper and bright citrus notes held by a gentle aroma of woody notes in the background. Sexy, Vibrant, and most definitely a powerhouse of a performer, Be Layered's new original creation is one for the books. A MUST TRY for anyone looking for a signature scent that is versatile enough to wear year round in all settings and circumstances of life where you want to smell divine!

Notes: Brazilian Love Rose, Amber, Cirtrus notes, Woody notes, Pink pepper


Customer Reviews

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Kristy Spivey-Mitchell
This love affair is real!!!

I am a Rose and amber fan, not exclusively together. I received this fragrance in a swap. And it is true, you're going to want French Kiss as your signature scent. I haven't been this excited and in love with a frangrance in well over 20 years! The citrus and rose share the limelight with amber as a base, while pink pepper sneaks in to tickle your nose. The woody scent flits in and out as the fragrance grounds past the dry down, which is so beautiful. It is sweet, and very pretty; with a little playful sexy, I will admit. But, just a little. This may also make for a sweet male fragrance, too. But, I'll have to get back to you on that! Oh, this fragrance is wonderful.

So Pretty and Clean

Got a sample with a purchase and I was pleasantly surprised. This is a citrus rose but the Rose is subtle and not overly floral. I think this will be my next purchase.

Brandon Berne
Nice citrus fragrance

Received a sample with my purchase of cherry delight.Smells really nice,kinda gives vibes of Dolce&gabbbana light blue.I really love all the fragrances from belayered that I have purchased so far.