F@ck Me


F@ck Me is an original blend by Be Layered and although its name suggests an arresting, aggressive, demanding fragrance, you will be enchanted instead by its softness and grace. Start to finish, this is a sumptuous fragrance that lifts lightly from the skin deepening until finally softening into powdery perfection. Be Layered may be reminding us not to judge a book by its cover or a fragrance by its name. F@ck Me is not an urgent grab for attention but rather a sophisticated and refined original blend of ambergris and sandalwood softened to creamy deliciousness by vanilla and brightened by jasmine, ginger and citrus notes. This fragrance will NOT leave scratch marks. Instead, you will love its elegant sweep of pure bliss and discover that its power is its steady confidence, sophistication and tranquility. After lingering for hours, F@ck Me mellows into a dizzying attractive gracefulness. You will be delighted by F@ck Me not for what it promises but for what it delivers. You may expect a scream from this fragrance but instead listen for its music!

Notes: Mandarin, Vanilla, Jasmine, Ginger, Ambergris, Sandalwood.

Customer Reviews

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Laura Mccombs

Aside from the awesome name, this fragrance was much better than I expected! Very seductive.


I love it

Heather Trumbo
Careful, this one is addictive!

This is just a big wow fragrance! Start to finish it is lovely, and definitely makes me want more, more, more. Huge fan of Ambergris and it works perfectly along side the Sandlewood. I have samples and a 10ml size but biggie is on my Christmas list along with several others from here. Long lasting like some of the others, very well done Be Layered!

Yes, Please

I love this scent. it is seductive and very sexy...the name says it all. I am a fan of scents that turns heads in a good way and have folks asking "What are you wearing..." keeping it PG, with a hint of coyness...I just Belayared. This scent is lovely, sexy, and personally nose-catching in a classy sexy way.


I tried to post my 1 star review but it was taken down. I bought F@ck me along with first kiss exclusive and first kiss. Was hoping to get the vanilla smell similar to Olympea by Paco Rabanne but this smelled nothing like that!! I don't know if mine is defeated but I even gave it 2 weeks to see if the juice will get better and it still makes me want to puke when smelling it, Im glad the lasting power is weak and I don't have to wait for the nauseating scent to fade. I do however recommend First Kiss exclusive 10/10.