Eve's Parfum
Eve's Parfum

Eve's Parfum

Size: 55ml

Inspired by Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Set yourself to millions of years ago, where the first man and woman came to existence. The wonderful garden of Eden gave Eve a heavenly, natural perfume. With sweet nectarine, juicy peach, tangy black currants and sticky plums. This cocktail of fruits was adorned with a bouquet of petitgrain, and rare black locust that complimented the fruity aroma with its flowery scents. Lastly vetiver and green notes that resembled the leaves that covered her breasts, brought an invigorating yet very special tone to this combo. Eve’s Parfum is great for anybody that wants a fresh fragrance that smells natural, and induces everyone that takes a whiff to think of you as the one and only woman in this world. Just like Eve was at the time.

Notes: Nectarine blossom, Peach, Green Notes, Black Locust, Black Currant, Petitigrain, Plum, Vetiver, Honey