Danielle’s Milk Bath


Clean, pure, sophisticated, posh. This is a scent that should be sprayed all over the body, on the skin after a shower and then on the clothes. The sweet clean soapy scent is one not to be missed. This fragrance will have you feeling fresh out the shower all day. 

Wear it alone or layer it with your favorite fragrances. This is another great blank canvass to use alone or to enhance your favorite perfume. We recommend layering it with Eden Rose for an angelic almost heaven like rose garden. Another great layering experience is combining it with sunshine vibes to tame the tobacco note and create a more fresh and sunny vibe. Lastly I would definitely recommend trying it with Neroli Sunshine, this is by far my favorite layer combination. FRESHNESS GALORE!

Notes: Jasmine, Lilac, Iris

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Out of all the samples I've tried, I love this the most. Beautiful fresh and clean scent. I could swear there must be labdanum in this because that is the strongest note to my nose. If not, somehow the notes combine to give that effect. Not soapy to me at all. It does have a milky quality, as if you are taking a milk bath. Wonderful silage and longevity too. Love This!


This is one of the freshest scents I have smelled in such a long time! I can’t explain how much I absolutely was surprised and am in love with this. Just fresh as clean can be. This will be a wonderful everyday scent for a man or woman. I love Be Layered more and more I order!

Belinda J Russ

Oh my goodness is all I could say when I first smelled this fragrance! It is very fresh and soapy but not annoying so. The florals in my opinion are not over powering. I spray this on in mornings where I want that fresh just out of the shower experience!


I bought the fragrance on a blind buy and I love it. Very clean, fresh ,and floral scent. I'm not a complete floral person.
But, this fragrance is the 💣. Beautiful fragrance😍! It will take you to a serene place.🌅 I just adore the scent .💚