Close Encounter

Introducing...Close Encounter! (Oh yeah baby!)

This sweet cotton candy, sugar coated, flowery fragrance will have you in for an edible treat. (watch out hubby)

With a creamy marshmallow hint, and perfectly balanced with exotic florals, this blend leaves you with the most feminine delicious scent trail you've ever encountered.

Bathe in the jovial feeling when wearing this one of a kind masterpiece, making you feel tantalizing, sensuous, and straight up irresistible!

Like a fluffy cloud of cotton candy that melts in your mouth, describing this fragrance as a succulent paradise is the perfect word to describe this gourmand lovers dream.

Notes: Exotic Flowers, Sugar, Pink Pepper, Marsh Mellow, Cotton Candy and other mysterious notes in this secret recipe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Love at first sniff

I initially ordered a sample set & the moment I smelled Close Encounter, I was in love. I had to order a full bottle immediately. It smells like flowers & cotton candy deliciousness! Great longevity & projection. Can’t recommend this beauty more.

Very very Sweet!

This brings me back to Britney Spear’s Fantasy! It’s very very sweet and the description matches it perfectly. It’s a fun and pretty scent. Yum!


I love this fragrance. It’s long lasting and a head turner. A great blind buy for someone who wants to be noticed in a good way.

Jenny T
Not Girl of Now, but Girl of Now Shine!

I kept seeing people compare this gem to Elie Saab’s Girl of Now. It’s not that close to the original, but it is the Shine flanker that Close Encounter reminds me of. It’s not a 100% dupe, but it’s super close. At the top, I get lightly sweet, juicy fruit at the top, like pear and maybe some sweet citrus, then ylang ylang and jasmine in the heart. Vanilla and maybe a bit of light patchouli in the base. It’s quite sweet all the way through, but very clean, more floral than gourmand. There might be a hint of iris or orris root, as it’s ever so slightly powdery, or maybe that tickle is from the extremely light spiciness of pink pepper? It’s almost not there, but sometimes I pick it up. I enjoy Close Encounter so much on its own. It’s one of my favorite Be Layered fragrances. It’s a fantastic alternative to Girl of Now Shine. And I love to layer it with Ariana Grande REM. The combination is intoxicating.

Miss Nat
Full bottle worthy

So I purchased 2 of the “create your own” sample kits and out of 14 fragrances this is the only one that was Full Bottle Worthy!! It’s fresh and sweet at the same time... I normally don’t like “soapy” fresh scent because they lean more unisex and I am a super feminine fragrance lover. I do not like unisex at all but combined with the sweet notes is a perfect balance.

I layered the single note strawberry and vanilla with mine. It’s very long lasting with moderate sillage. I got soooooo many compliments with this combination. I live in south Florida and this is perfect for year round since it’s so hot and humid here.