Christmas in South Beach

Christmas in Florida state is very unique, specially in South Beach. Fresh vibes of white flowers by the beach come across a delicious orange creamscicle scent that it is TO DIE FOR! Sweet, yet not overwhelming, smooth as a velvet short blue dress that it is able to be dressed up or down as desired, Christmas in South Beach is ready for anything. A mixture of high class parfum "sensory" and the most scrumptious of desserts drives those lucky enough to walk by you insane by curiosity of that magical trail scent you leave wherever your aura casts its magical shadow upon. An almost religious experience is created through this majestic creation that as we field tested this fragrance we could not stop getting compliments (Yes even through face masks). A new iconic, original fragrance by Be Layered that raises the bar for a new standard of quality.

Time of day: Any

Notes: We can only describe it as a Flowery Gourmand that is in a class of its own.