B!tch Please


Become empowered with this attitude changing fragrance!

B!tch Please comes at you with sweet peach, spice and not everything nice. The sweet aroma of ripe Peach tells a story that you are a sweet person inside and out, but when someone messes with you the bitter spices come out and you become an untamed beast not to be messed with.

A fabuslouly blended fragrance that has many facets and many faces depending on how you want to show it. B!tch Please is not to be ignored. You quickly become the center of attention and impose an alpha stance.

It can be sweet, it can be nice, but it also means business. The boozy middle notes of Cognac and Rum warms you up and makes you cozy inside while the sweet tonka
and Vanilla relaxes you chakras. A complex fragrance that it is appreciated in its many facets and it becomes a unique experience every time. One to try for sure!

9/10 of our customers prefer B!tch Please than Bitter Peach by Tom Ford.

Layers well with:

Ancient Amber
Vanilla Dreams
Caramel Overdose
Geneva Chocolate
Arabica Roast
Forbidden Jasmine

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Laura Mccombs

BeLayered has done an outstanding job of duplicating TF. The problem is I dislike peach more than I realized. Nauseating but not due to BeLayered!

Estrella Berroa

B!tch Please

Lo mas Rico

Puedo decir que es igualito al original, recomiendo esta fragancia.

Mrs MO
B!tch Please+Linae=Angel by T.Mugler

Ok so following up from my last review I figured this would be a good combo and what do you know....Angel!

Mrs MO
Honey Baby

I don't get peach or cobbler...on me it goes straight "honey child". Like I rubbed honey on my skin as a lotion. I personally love Linae and think it would be a good knock out combo with B#*@! Please...but I don't think I would wear BP alone. I also got a sample of Springtime in Hawaii and I can't wait to add that one to my Summertime scents.