Size: 55ml

Audacity - Enter the temple of Amenhotep III. It takes audacity to come into such magical place. Filled with divine woods, fresh patchouli and empowering oud.
Symbols of a ritualistic setting. Where the tomb is adorned with jewellery, paintings, and piles of gold, Only meant for royalty.
Just like this setting demands respect, so does this fragrance based on the very same elements of a royal tomb. Woody, green, with a smoky finish that will seduce you and
all of those around you. Wearing Audacity by Layered will bring a seductive feeling to your aura. It will make those that walk by you ask themselves who you are. It bleeds dominance,
masculinity and power. Those of you that wear this be warned. You will become the center of attention, the alpha-male of the room. So wear it with pride. Absorb and embrace it's powers.

Notes: Oud, Guaiac Wood, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli

Layers Well With:

Prickly Lemon - citrus twist or to add femininity (summer)

Vanilla Dream - rich, creamy overly (year around) 

Juicy Peach - sweet (summer, fall)

Insane Pineapple - tropical undertone (summer, spring)

Rugged Leather - to add masculinity (fall, winter)

Royal Green Apple - fresh (year around)