About Us - Layered Fragrances: Where Quality Meets Creativity

Welcome to Layered Fragrances, your haven of aromatic excellence, rooted in the heart of Los Angeles yet inspired by the mystical air of Cairo, Egypt. Our inception in the land famed for its ancient wonders and aromatic legacies has set the stage for our unique journey in the realm of perfumery.

At Layered Fragrances, we recognized an unmet need within the fragrance community—the desire for personalization and the nuanced art of fragrance layering. Imagine desiring to embody the vibrant essence of passion fruit for a day, or wishing to merge the luscious sweetness of cherry with the depth of teak wood, creating an olfactory masterpiece that is uniquely yours. This realization propelled us to specialize in crafting handcrafted, single-note fragrances that encourage exploration, blending, and personalization of your signature scent.

Driven by a passion for authenticity and creativity, we ventured to Paris, France, to source the finest natural oils, enabling us to create "Parfum Extract" concentration for our single-note fragrances. This dedication ensures that each fragrance we offer is of the highest quality, with longevity and a natural aroma that truly stands apart.

Each fragrance is meticulously handcrafted in our Los Angeles studio, fresh to order, embodying our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We recommend allowing each fragrance to "settle" for a couple of weeks, allowing the natural oils to mature, which unveils their true and full potential.

Our journey is marked by dedication, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From the relationships we nurture with our providers to the bonds we forge with our clients, every aspect of Layered Fragrances is infused with a commitment to offering the best possible product at the most accessible price. We believe in the right of everyone, from all walks of life, to discover and embrace their unique scent.

Layered Fragrances is not just about selling perfumes; it's about offering a journey into the world of scent that is accessible, enjoyable, and profoundly personal. We go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the best quality fragrances at the best possible price, because we believe everyone deserves to smell amazing.