Layered Fragrances is an independent fragrance house that provides handcrafted single note fragrances. We are located in Los Angeles, and started our journey in Cairo, Egypt a land of mythical sights & aromas.
As an expansion to our niche, inspired by, and our own creations given through we have come to understand that a lot of people wanted to add a specific note to their favorite fragrances or simply wanted to just smell like one single note. "Today I want to smell like passion fruit" (which is awesome!), as well as the creative aspect of layering fragrances, which means that you spray a combination of fragrances or notes that you "LAYER" together to obtain the perfect balance you are looking for. For example, I know that cherry and teak wood smell AMAZING together. So I will grab a bottle of my Layered Teak wood and my Layered Cherry and spray both to make a magical elixir that will satisfy my nose (and others).
So with that in mind we decided to bring in the best of the natural oils from Paris, France. And with that in hand we were able to create "Parfum Extract" concentration for our single note fragrances.(one of the highest concentrations of fragrance available in the market). This of course allowed us to obtain only the best quality, long lasting and natural smelling (and feeling) fragrances that we could offer.
Every one of our fragrances are hand-crafted in our Los Angeles. They are freshly made to order and we even recommend to leave it "settling" for a couple of weeks to achieve its true and great potential as the natural oils mature.

Our dedication and passion to the fragrance world is what makes us different from others. Our relationship with the providers, our web designers, our marketers, and of course our clients make us the better choice around. We truly go above and beyond with offering the best possible product for the best possible price that is accessible to anyone from any walk of life, as we believe everybody has the right to smell amazing!