Sweet Caroline


Are you ready to sing with me? Sweeeet Carolineee BAM BAM BAM!!!...

Sweet Caroline is our new Original Creation Grourmand with notes of Creamy Caramel, Sweet Vanilla, Scandinavian Chocolate, and a touch of Azucar Morena(brown sugar from South America). This baby will make you sing all day with it's amazing staying power and performance. A masterpiece Gourmand for anyone looking to quench that sweet tooth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicole Morrow

This is a beautiful, sweet, caramel scent that I could easily swear this perfume ever day. It's affordable , comes in a cute bottle. I'd definitely 😁 this to anybody who likes gourmands.

Valerie Kearney
Love / Hate Relationship

I love the scent but hate that it doesn’t last long.

Janelle Z.
Smells like Kayali Vanilla 28 It's good :)

I wasn't expecting a very strong performance out of this one, which is probably why I wasn't let down. To me, this smells very very close to Kayali Vanilla 28 which isn't a strong performer either. I get a good 6 hours wear and longer on clothes out of this one. Layers beautifully with other Fragrances as well !

Brielle Buechler
Smells great, doesn't last

I was SO EXCITED when I learned of this new fragrance in the FB group and the email list. Bought it right away, and at first I thought it had a bit of a menthol smell? Almost like that vanilla-y minty smell when you walk into a dentist's office. Now I can catch more of the vanilla and sugar. But it really doesn't last. So the description calling out its amazing staying power and performance just isn't quite correct. I think it lasts 2 ish hours on my clothes and bed sheets, even less on my skin. Doesn't project very far, either.