Insane Pineapple


A single note fragrance based on Pineapple.

Insane in the membrane!

Yes. We all know the hype and insane following of the Pineapple based fragrances.. (Ahem Aventus...) But what if I told you that this is the REAL deal pineapple scent. It can very well be added to your own fragrances for a stronger more natural pineapple note, it can be added to other fragrances that carry an aquatic vibe to it, a fruity fragrance, a leather based one, man just about everything goes well with pineapple. We love to add it to our Dior Sauvage. This is the perfect companion to begin with your Layering journey. goes well with almost everything on this planet and it smells wonderful. Get your new best friend now! Insane Pineapple. 

Customer Reviews

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Smells like cooked caramel pineapple!!! Love it it goes great with other gourmand fragrances!!

Pineapple upside down cake

Definitely smells like pineapple upside down cake. I like it, however I thought it was going to be more of a tropical pineapple scent.

Not the pineapple you’re thinking of

Before purchasing this, I thought this would be a crisp pineapple, tart, sour, with some sweetness. Instead this is more of a vanilla-pineapple cake scent. Delicious but not quite what I was looking for. I attempted to layer this with Coconut Dream but instead of smelling like an afternoon on a tropical island, I smelled like a pineapple-coconut cake fresh out of the oven. Not disappointed but not fulfilled.

Janee S. (MakeupVixen)
Big stick magic

I like this fragrance as it is. It's a nice creamy pineapple scent on me. It's not too tarte and not too sweet.

However, when I added this to Tom Ford Lost Cherry I got the scent of a Big Stick Popsicle. I added it to coconut lotion from Trader Joe's and it was a light Pina colada scent. I layered it with Tom Ford original Soleil Blanc and it's magical.