Dark Temptation


Inspired by Lancome's Oud Bouquet

Welcome to the dark side! The notes clashing in this magistral composition make this unique fragrance a high class statement. Rose petals, dark oud, luxurious saffron and sweet vanilla are the key players in this creation. This masterpiece will leave a memorable scent trail for everyone to be taken to the dark side. This is why we call it Dark Temptation. It is irresistible, dark and high class. Will you join the dark side?

Notes: Rose, Oud, Saffron, Vanilla, and some Woodsy notes

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Let sit on your skin

My first impression... I did not like the initial smell. It smelled masculine yet dry erasurish, but once I let this sit on my skin, i fell in love. This smells wonderful and is so long lasting that I smelled it on my skin and sheets throughout the entire night time

Very close to the original

Now I’m not sure if I tried the old or reformulated version of the Lancôme original, but this is so close that I would never spend the $ on the original. This lasts forever and ever. I spray it on myself and my shirt one day and the jacket I put on in the mornings smells of it all week in the loveliest way, never having been directly sprayed. I get a synthetic oud, maybe some vanilla, and definitely incense especially on my jacket the next day. It’s wonderful. I can’t believe someone called this generic, there’s nothing like it that I’ve ever smelled.

WORST blind buy I’ve ever purchased - read on!

Tried to post a 1 star review earlier and after I submitted it it straight up just disappeared?? Trying this out again with 4 stars to see if it posts. If it does then this company is SHADY.

Please please do not buy this perfume without smelling it first. To me it does not smell like rose or oud (Both of which I love) or any of the notes listed. Smells like a very generic cloying perfume someone older would wear in the streets that makes me go “oof” and try to clear my nose. Something that regular drug stores would have for like 10 dollars. My fault for not trying a sample first but the sample kit was super expensive and they don’t provide individual samples :/

Roodlyne Massenat
This scent is unique on it's own

I never smelled any oud perfume befor,when I received this perfume I was confused whether to like it or not. I like dark ,musky, sweet perfume it's hard for me to wear this on it's own. I feel like it's for quiet gathering. I will continue to wear it I hope I like it. Compare to the dark perfumes I own, this is not dark at all. It's too sweet and flory for my taste.

Good things come to those who wait!

When I first tried this, my friend warned me that it was rough the first 30 minutes or so. And it was. LOL. Kind of smoky and like burnt oil. But that dries down into THE MOST AMAZING scent. It's dark, it's sexy, it's decadent, it's glamorous. It lasts FOREVER, and I feel like I leave people falling down in my wake, like in the cartoons, when the pretty girl walks by. I feel like this is a Grown Up Woman scent (or Man, perfume doesn't need to have genders). The person wearing this knows what they want, and how to get it.