All in the name of Love


Inspired by MFK Aqua Universalis Forte 

Like a massive warm hug from a loved one you haven't seen in a long time, All in the name of love brings that feeling of bliss and relaxation that just makes you feel fuzzy and warm inside. Bright Calabrian bergamot and Amalfi lemon lift your spirits up like hearing great news on a blue day. Jasmine, rose and flowers make you feel pretty, sexy and confident at the same time assuring yourself that you are the best damn smelling person in that room no questions asked! Finally, musk and woodsy notes hold a beautiful base that makes this gorgeous fragrance well rounded and suited for every single occasion in life.

Warning: Don't be surprised if people launch at your neck like Dracula to take a whiff of this sexy concoction!

Our customers prefer All in the name of Love by Be Layered than MFK Aqua Universalis Forte 9 out of 10 times.