Bella The Irresistible


Meet Bella. She's the CEO of a very important style magazine in New York City. She has a gorgeous face, sculpted body and an attitude that will captivate the most eligible bachelor anywhere in the world.

Bella uses an almost narcotic perfume that was created after a perfumer from France spent the night with her. He was so captivated by Bella that he created her own perfume: Bella the Irresistible.

This perfume features notes of sweet red currants, alluring Bulgarian rose, floral notes from the Mediterranean all up top. After a little bit plum and mimosa  come to the party to create a very exotic blend of sweet and floral that meet at the 1 hour mark with its bottom notes of creamy Sandalwood, sweet Tonka Bean and velvety Vanilla.

For whomever that wishes to be like Bella, we recommend that you try Bella the Irresistible. An Extrait De Parfum that is not to disappoint.

Inspired by Parfums De Marly Cassili 


Notes: Red Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Floral Notes, Plum, Mimosa, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Layering Options

Bella the Irresistible layers well with: Geneva Chocolate, Eden Rose, Gelato

Layer with Geneva Chocolate to create a sweet, sultry, gourmand.

Layer with Eden Rose to add depth and delicacy.


Layer with Gelato to create a decadent sweet and creamy experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Absolutely gorgeous

I get so many compliments on this beautiful fragrance. It's the first one I reach for, because it never disappoints. Very sexy and sultry!!! Love 💗

Fresh and Delightfully Delicious

This scent was so surprising to me! I'm currently testing out a 7 sample set, this is my first scent to test and it smells so amazingly fresh, sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet, just right. It reminds me of a sweet bouquet. I could never dream of owning any of the Parfums de Marly and I hear this is spot on Cassili ! Try Bella. She's truly irresistible! Buying a full bottle for sure!

Great scent, not Cassili

This scent on me is lovely, but it isn't very close to Cassili. Cassili has a bit more floral, is more nuanced and softer, less outspoken. Bella is Cassili's little sister, sweeter, brighter, not complex or nuanced. I really like it as a nice, sweet berry scent, but this is not Cassili. Bella is missing the rose and petalia I think, and there isn't much base to anchor it and take the sweetness out, it is sweet berries and just the most minute hint of rose. The projection is better than Cassili I think, I can smell it on my arm with my arm over a foot away. I would get this again for what it is, but not as a Cassili dupe.

Katrina Gibbs

Just received Bella the Irresistible today! Sexy, alluring and truly my kind of fragrance! Love the rose! Sprayed a little on my wrists and can’t stop sniffing them! Not overpowering but lingers in that way I love! Definitely worth purchasing a full size bottle!

I am amazed!!

So I am a true Parfums de Marly fan and have been wearing Cassili, Delina and Safanad for years.... That being said, a friend of mine insisted I try this perfume, she said it was a clone of one of my favorites.... I didn't think such a thing would be possible, and hundreds of dollars less? Yeah right.........
Was I wrong!!!! This smells EXACTLY like Cassili! I am smelling them both right now and i can't tell them apart same with the Delina dupe I bought from here. Its crazy! I am so pleased with my order that I am going to order a bunch of other scents! Im so excited! Thank you BE LAYERED!