Luscious Strawberry


A single note based on Strawberry.

Strawberry, The luscious fruit that is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma, bright red color, juicy texture, and sweetness. Trust me, we had a hard time at the office keeping away not drink all the juice. This is the most realistic, most natural and luscious strawberry note you will find. It will add sweetness to any other fragrance making it "juicier" and gourmand. This extract de parfum is the epitome of becoming "edible". When tested, people have told us that they simply wanted to eat us, bite our necks or simply take us home with them. Add a bit of cacao for a perfect Chocolate Strawberry scent. 

Customer Reviews

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Tasha V
Luscious Strawberry

Luscious Strawberry was a very sweet scent. It was so sweet that all of the teenagers I know love it. So I actually gifted it to a co worker's teenager (girl). Whom loved it also🌟 keep up the good perfumes Be Layered😊

Abigail Hibner
Sweet Sweet Symphony!

I have been looking all around for the PERFECT strawberry scent. I have gone to name brand perfumes, finding anything with a strawberry "note" and have been unsuccessful. I have tried everything to smell like that sweet candy strawberry. I've gotten lotions, bath wash, and even mints, but NOTHING. Till I found this perfume on a Youtube video about strawberry perfumes.
This companies shipping was amazing and the packaging was absolutely beautiful.
But once I took the lid off I fell in love.
If you want to smell like strawberries and feel like a dang fairy, this scent is just so perfect. It doesn't have any strong alcoholy smell, it smells like it almost has a little fizz in it, its so exciting!
I was so excited I layered it with a jasmine perfume and it layered(pun intended) beautifully.
I absolutely recommend this perfume, for strawberry lovers out there... this is the one.

Pam Kalamaja
Tangy Strawberry

This is a fresh tangy authentic strawberry. It is a delicious gourmand with a hint of sour to the berry. It would be wonderful layered to add fruit to a scent or as I have done with a vanilla and a chocolate to create the ultimate gourmand scent.

Give it time

When I first got this I was not impressed. It was light and artificial smelling but I just went back to it after a couple month of it sitting in a dark cool room and it’s changed into a balsamic sweet strawberry! It’s like a strawberry fruit roll up! Lol it’s really good and not a child like strawberry, just a true rich strawberry!

Super Sweet Strawberry

This is jammy strawberry. I like it because I like sweet scents and layering it with vanilla like a strawberry shortcake.