Eve's Parfum


Inspired by Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Set yourself to millions of years ago, where the first man and woman came to existence. The wonderful garden of Eden gave Eve a heavenly, natural perfume. With sweet nectarine, juicy peach, tangy black currants and sticky plums. This cocktail of fruits was adorned with a bouquet of petitgrain, and rare black locust that complimented the fruity aroma with its flowery scents. Lastly vetiver and green notes that resembled the leaves that covered her breasts, brought an invigorating yet very special tone to this combo. Eve’s Parfum is great for anybody that wants a fresh fragrance that smells natural, and induces everyone that takes a whiff to think of you as the one and only woman in this world. Just like Eve was at the time.

Notes: Nectarine blossom, Peach, Green Notes, Black Locust, Black Currant, Petitigrain, Plum, Vetiver, Honey

Customer Reviews

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Karen Catt
First experience purchasing from Be Layered

I like all the scents I purchased. They are fun to layer. The scent doesn’t last very long though. I got my order fast and the web site is very easy to use. Their descriptions of the scents are very accurate.

Very nice, I like it

This is one I bought in order to NOT have to buy Jo Malone bc I think they are overpriced for what they are. This is a lovely scent, very natural, just a hint of sweetness and definitely more of a nectarine blossom than nectarine, (which I was hoping for, but this is still really lovely). This is straight honey and nectarine blossom, much better price for what you get than Jo Malone IMO. I love the velvet bags these come in as well, but the wood cap came off and was a little messily printed. Not a big deal bc I didn't get it for the cap or bottle, just took away from it a bit. Sprayer is nice though. I would get this again for sure.

In love!

I first received this, as a sample. First I sprayed this on paper, then in the air...I basically, put the sample down and immediately ordered the full bottle. I am in love with this scent. I love the sillage of honey, nectarine, along with other notes. This is the Bomb dig-aty of fragrance!

Very Beautiful

This scent is very beautiful. It takes me to a blossoming orchard everytime and will definitely help get me through the cold winter. The floral is sharp in a nice, natural and womanly way. The sharpness is balanced by a soft citrus sweetness and a bit of mouth watering honey. This scent is near the top on my favorite list. I have reached for this perfume the most since receiving it.

New obsession!!!

This perfume is so gorgeous!!! I can’t recommend it enough! It opens up with the most beautiful and natural burst of citrus I’ve ever smelled in my life! Literally smells like your walking past a lemon tree in the best way! You also after a few seconds start to get the green notes in the perfume and some sort of gorgeous white floral as well. I assume it’s the black lucust, but it smells extremely natural!!! I don’t own anything quite like this one! This perfume is light on the peach which I prefer but you can still smell it in the background with all the beautiful notes dancing around it and complimenting it and making it truly beautiful and unique. Even now I just showered and sprayed it on and it’s enveloping me in an aura of sunshine and happy days running through fields of lemon trees with the air lightly carrying the scent of beautiful white flowers and lemon. Truly a spectacular perfume and I will most definitely be buying it again!

Thank you so much Alessandra