Top Secret is a fragrance that our master perfumer has been working on for a while. He finally was able to feel satisfied with this amazing Gourmand that was kept top secret as we did not know when it was going to come out. Sweet, Elegant and damn Sexy, Top Secret has Silky Caramel, Velvety smooth Belgian Chocolate, Sweet Creamy Milk and Italian Almond Cookies (Amaretto). Top Secret is a limited edition of 75 bottles as we beta test this wonderful product to see if the world is ready for it!


NOTES: Belgian Chocolate, Sweet Milk, Italian Almond Cookies, Silky Caramel.

Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Kreutter

This smells like the inside of a Christmas store. There’s spice and very artificial notes that are trying to be caramel and chocolate but fail miserably. There’s no almond cookies, nothing creamy, this is just a mess. It’s so artificial I’d be too embarrassed to wear it. For the price I paid and considering I couldn’t order a sample I want to use it but I just can’t. This whole order was disappointing and really missed the mark

Leesa M
Its a keeper

A little spicy. I think the first sniff reminds me a bit like eggnog. Its cozy and i like it. Still i prefer carmel overdose.

Cozy sweet alluring

This one is hard to explain and I do get the comparisons to feve by Dior. However, this is better. This is more rounded and sits a little closer to the skin, it’s alluring and sweet. I mix this with arabica roast and it is the ultimate naturally sweet smelling fragrance. The best part about these gourmands is that the food presence is there but they still smell like a nice perfume .

Heather Dunn

It’s wonderful, it’s hard to explain but is sooooo good.

Tiphani Lampkin
Unique but gorgeous

Idk how to even describe it. There is a vanilla scent with a bit of spice that u smell upon first spray but dries down to an almost spicy burnt vanilla fragrance. Didn’t seem to last that long to me but I could be nose blind to it.