Caramel Crumble

Caramel Crumble is our second iteration of our brand new series of hybrid (Already layered for you) fragrances. Meaning we do all the testing and make a new creation with one of our best sellers ever Caramel Overdose with Crumble cake (Cinnamon, Musk, Madagascar Vanilla, and Vetiver). This more Oriental creation has a beautiful sillage and performance. an unforgettable scent trail will lead your body as you move with this one of a kind creation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Babee I love this

I did not like caramel overdose at all. But this one smells nothing like it in my opinion. If you love gormuands like me, you will love this! it’s beautiful

Marie S L
I don´t get Caramel Overdose at all

Maybe I should let it sit for a month or two because I didn´t get any resemblance to Caramel Overdose. It reminded me more of Féve Dèlicieuse mixed with something else. I smell plum and leather. A bit on the masculine side.

Tiphani Lampkin

If u like caramel overdose, you will like this one. Sweet, gourmand, warm but springy. Got a sample and will definitely be getting a full bottle.

Yelena T
Boozy sweetness

I totally love this one. It smells like sweet liquor with marshmallows. Bright and very well projecting. It’s a gourmand and NOT old smelling at all. Does a very interesting number on your skin. It’s flirty. It is very different from paper. I do see that skin chemistry can play a role so my skin makes it beautiful. Do not judge by the paper try on your skin. I got mini to test and I think I will get full bottle.