Geneva Chocolate


Within the city of Geneva, Switzerland lies a small mom and pop shop that sells purely the best and most succulent chocolate delicacies in the world. Sweet milk chocolate fountains splash around you and the chocolaty fragrance eminating from these hypnotizes every person within 300 feet from the store. We have captured this scent in a bottle for you to wear and transport you immediately back to this small shop in Switzerland at your leisure. (Warning) this will have people going for your neck like Dracula, as a word of advice take a small clove of garlic with you. You never know who might cross your path...

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Good dupe Montale Choco greedy

This is great! Yummy . Very long lasting and I feel this is a good dupe for Montale chocolate greedy .

Chocolate Heaven

Wonderful and bold scent. It is definitely not for the light hearted! It can transform and add sweetness to an existing scent, or is a bold scent on its own.

Geneva Chocolate

Smells like a spicy warm cup of hot chocolate with a little zest of orange. The perfume quality is amazing and was packaged so incredibly well!
Only flaw is that the cap I received is loose and falls right off.


I have been into perfumes ever since I was a young girl so I’ve smelled tons and I also have been blessed with a strong sense of smell and this perfume smells amazing on my skin. I have been layering it with other perfumes I own and with others I got here. Like last night I layered it with Jasmin and at first it smelled weird but once it settled it smelled so good and I could still smell it in the morning. I also layered it with Móntale Intense Cafe and it took it to another level. So good I love it. It has that dusty smoky caramelized sugar scent at the dry down. Give it some time, it’s one of those!!

Not what I expected

I am sort of disappointed about this fragrance as I expected more from the reviews and descriptions. This smells like old chocolate bar was frozen and defrosted couple times, and then completely dried out and shredded to the powder form. Left 4 stars just because my previous review with 2 stars was never posted. Really shady if the company filters the reviews considering they do not offer return!