Seductive Tuberose


A single note perfume extract based on Tuberose.

Seductive and exuberant, this tuberose fragrance smells divine just by itself but will also blend whole-heartedly with many other single notes and fragrances, it is a fresh whiteboard for anybody feeling fresh and in need of some energy provided by this beautiful white flower. 

Customer Reviews

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I picked this one for my sampler set and I immediately need and want the biggest bottle they offer! This thing is magical to say the least. At first sniff it took me somewhere I needed to go with all that's going on. Fragrance does that for me and this took me straight to tuberose heaven! Such a befitting name, can't wait to wear this outside.

Oh so fresh!

This tuberose is like stepping out of a bubble bath. It layers great with Danielle’s Milk Bath. Just one spray this is enough alone though. I am told by others how clean & fresh it smells. 🧼🚿🛁

Great projection

If you like a strong tuberose scent, this is for you. I once wore this behind my knees and wore Paris Nights on my arms and people could smell me 5 feet away and left a strong trail. Has great projection and lasts for more than 6 hours on me. The only reason why I’m giving it 3/5 is because it’s personally just not my type, I’m not in love with this kind of scent, but I do appreciate it. I was hoping for a something lighter tuberose, but it’s more on the dark and heavy side, I guess that’s why it’s called “seductive.” Hopefully I can find something good to combine it with:)

Tera Boyland
With a glass of wine

I am a tuberose fanatic. I sprayed this and had to pour me a glass of wine and just stare at the bottle. This is how tuberose should be worn. I am sure you can layer this but I don't need to. I will for fun but this is amazing. I can see this going great with a fruity or vanilla scent. I hope everyone tries this. You can layer this and make it great for all seasons depending on how you mix and match it.