This is a single note fragrance based on Cinnamon.

Having been used since 2000 BC, Cinnamon has multiple benefits used in everyday life. The one that we are focusing on today is the spicy, sweet, aromatic, mysterious and addicting factor that the fresh cinnamon aroma exudes. This spice is amazing to blend with other fragrances, as it warms up anything you throw at it, yet it doesn’t outshine the main star. It provides decadence, warmth, boldness, and an intriguing almost therapeutic factor that will have those around you feeling relaxed and attracted to your aroma. We recommend layering cinnamon into any of your fragrances that you use for a special day, a night out, a fresh fall walk through the park and even the office by taking advantage of its aroma-therapy factor. This bad boy will cut through the coldest of winters and it will make any of your already favorite fragrances shine with it.

Our customers' most popular picks to layer Cinnabomb with are – Devilish, Love Potion, Dark Temptation, and Mia’s Blend

Customer Reviews

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This thing is packed with everylasting cinnamon to say the least! It is very very strong but smells wonderful. You only need one spray! I’m going to layer this with my Vanilla Dreams to simmer it down a bit. I love that I received this during the holidays because this screams holiday season.

Janee S. (MakeupVixen)
Good Gawd That's Powerful

This fragrance is like taking a bath in burn cinnamon oil. You really have to love cinnamon because it's very powerful and dominant fragrance. I layered it with Geneva chocolate in Hope of smelling like Mexican Chocolate but the cinnamon was so strong. I layered it with vanilla cake from Montale to get the cinnamon to calm down and that gave me a cinnabons scent which was nice.

My favorite was to layer this is with the original Bum Bum cream lotions, which has strong notes of caramel and creams. This scent is perfect for winter for me. I smell sassy and spicy at the same time.