Beauty and the Beach


Inspired by Ariana Grande Cloud as an Extrait de Parfum

Why re-invent the wheel? Because it can always be better. I have a passion for this fragrance and I thought it was missing a few elements such as, being well rounded, longevity and being a tad too "flowery" for me. So here at Be Layered we decided to take action and turn this amazing fragrance into a masterpiece. Beauty and the Beach is a super safe, fun and attractive fragrance. It starts off with a cloudy Whipped Cream and an almost burnt Caramel note that is mesmerizing yet surprisingly not cloying at all. An almost "Airy" feeling that has enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, while staying elegant and unique. Fresh Lavender and Pear open up upon spray in a subtle way that give you that clean linen sheet feeling of "ahh". Base woody notes and musk give a slight pillar of strength and takes away the sharp edges from the rough sweetness and fruity notes. An interpretation by Be Layered that had to be done as this is to us now one of our in-house favorites, and of course a daily driver for myself! If you like Ariana Grande Cloud, you will absolutely love Beauty And The Beach by Be Layered! 

Time of day: Any

Notes: Lavender, Bergamot, Whipped Cream, Praline, Coconut, Vanilla Orchid, Pear, Musk, Woodsy Notes

Customer Reviews

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Karen Catt
Review on Beauty and the Beach

A delightful fragrance, with a very accurate description. Unfortunately I found the scent didn’t last long.

Tamara Flavell
Simply beautiful

This perfume is so sexy and pretty. Every time I wear it my husband can’t stop saying how good I smell. This is one of favorites which I needed to own a bottle of. It is different from all of the others and lasts all day. A keeper!

Jessica Spanier
Smells delicious

It's a light, sweet fresh smell. I do not know what Ariana Grande's perfume smells like so I cannot compare. It smells great, but is a very light smell. I enjoy it because I get overwhelmed easily with strong fragrance.

Naomi Owens
Beautiful and Better

Hey Ladies and Gents. So I love Cloud. I have Cloud and Cloud 2.0 and I love them both. I really wasn't going to get this Beauty and the Beach because I didn't like the name for one, and I have both Clouds and BR540 so did I really need another. But baby I'm so happy I did. There is a sharpness in the original cloud that isn't in this. Its more smooth. It projects further and last longer. This one smells sweet but more clean. Not fresh but clean. I hope this is helpful but I think I'll be reaching for this more than Cloud. Worth the buy

Warm sweet goodness

I was very excited when I heard that this was coming to be layered because I LOVE what cloud tries to be, but doesn’t hit the mark for me. This on the other hand smells delicious. It’s sweet, warm but more adult in my opinion. Definite a winner. Thanks BeLayered