Arabica Roast


The scent of coffee runs majestically through the air, piercing through the foggy veil of sleep with the smooth, rich and attractive scent of fresh roasted beans. The invigorating odor exuding through your pores, brings almost a sense of deja-vu of time between childhood memory and present day indulgence, drawing everyone to the wearer.

Layers great with:

Caramel Overdose: We call this Caramel Frapuccino at the office. Sweet creamy italian coffee with a touch of caramel! 

Gelato: Yes, you guessed it! Coffee Ice Cream for the summer heat! These two were a match made in heaven!

Geneva Chocolate: Another no-brainer layering combo. Who doesn’t LOVE coffee and chocolate together. A nice mocha anyone? A must try.

Customer Reviews

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amy haake
Just what I dreamed!

I think this is beautiful. Just what I was looking for. Smells like a sweet coffee drink. Not overpowering. Very wearable, but still distinctly coffee. I've had other's smell & they try & place it, say things like, "wait, I know what that is...." Get told I smell good often. I'm not good @ judging. It lasts a while but I can also spray a little more later, does not get cloying. I have blended it w/ others but I just like it on it's own. Lovely.

Delicious & True

Very true coffee aroma. So incredibly creamy. I can almost taste the most perfect blend of freshly ground coffee beans & cream when smelling this fragrance. I added this to “Campfire nights” from ALexandria fragrances (the sister company) & could not stop taking deep breaths of myself. I WILL keep both as staples. Very unisex.