Stinky Rose


Nirvana inducing delicate dew-kissed roses in their bare spring bloom along with a soft musk of the highest quality that hugs your body with a touch of sweetness that will leave you feeling like you just made love for the first time. Breathtaking and astonishingly flawless, like the perfect princess cut diamond. Some things are better left untouched and de-cluttered. A simple masterpiece!

Layers well with:

Eden Rose: Add an extra layer of rose to the combination to empower the fresh side of the combination without compromising the original creation.

Seductive Tuberose: Indulges the sweetness of the tuberose and it makes the perfect partner for the musk and creates a new magical experience that should not be looked over.

Luscious Strawberry: I know it sounds weird but the tartness and sweetness of the strawberry in this mix creates something unheard of that is just ugh! So friggin good and addicting!!!

Notes: Rose, musk

Customer Reviews

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Kever Dundas
Stinky Rose is really not stinky

This is a beautiful scent. I blind bought it so I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping that it wouldn’t be an elderly lady scent on me. Lol. But it turned out to be a very appealing, fresh (any age group) rose scent. If you want to smell like a fresh cut dewy rose, get this. Perfect for the Spring and Summer.

Natasha Beri

Soft, rosy musk. Great value for your money


If it has Rose in the name I buy it. I absolutely love anything Rose and this isn't going to be any different. This is nice and light but makes a statement. It does not stink by no means. It is sexy and sultry! I can't wait to get Eden Rose and mix the two, it will be a rose combustion for sure!

Kim Lassiter
Strong and beautiful..not stinky but sexy

To me, this is a powerhouse. Such a sensual musk with mostly rose. Last on clothes and hair all day. I get lost in this scent as it has me totally hypnotized and I’m loving it. It’s light and heavy at the same time. A dark fragrant rose that you crave. If I layered it with anything, I think tuberose, or Jasmine would add floral facets, perhaps primal patchouli if you seek more musk, but this one perfect as is, good and strong projection.