Ecstacy- Embottled in this vial you will find a warm, sensual and euphoric scent. Captured from the very own hookah bars of Cairo,
where clouds of trance-setting, almost intoxicating and alluring smoke is conceived. Sensual, enveloping and creating an overwhelming
feeling of joyful excitement, Ecstacy by Layered, will take you on a first-class ride to the utmost sensual scent of
tobacco, mixed with juicy fruits and sweet smoke that speaks of only one word. Attraction. The feeling of joy, sexual tension and happiness
transcends into your very own body while wearing this statement-making "here I am" fragrance that will make you the center of attention whenever you wear it.


Notes: Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Smoke, Iris, Oud

Customer Reviews

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Realistic Hookah

This is good. Powdery opening, there's a blast of pot smoke that is ever so subtle that hits me at first but it settles in and remains pervasive. The oud smells medicinal and creamy vanilla along with a touch of cedar, although not listed, seems to take center and continues thru to the end. It's different, pleasantly unexpected and worth the purchase at this price. Longevity is average about 5-6 hrs and sillage is arms length after first hour with one spray.

Ej Benoit
A Millionaire s Statement

If you are not a Millionaire and you want to feel like one, then this is it! This fragrance is what a Rich’s persons life consists of:; Fast life, Business, Demanding, Non Negotiable, Presence always needed and Stern. This fragrance resembles a lot like Nasamatto Nudifloram! It’s green, floral slightly less soapy and to me leathery in which I don’t know if Leather is in it. Overall very different and is more suited for the fall or winter or if you wanna violate the Fragrance Rules and just want to feel like a Millionaire then purchase you a bottle of this Beautiful fragrance! It is a loud and demanding fragrance and more on the mature side, say 30ish on up but deserves to be in ones collection and arsenal.

Trace B
Fresh cut wildflower

This is green and floral fragrance. While it opens very green, it dries down to include a touch of sweet flower. A very natural scent. Unisex and not offensive.

Keith H.

I have a weird relationship with floral fragrances, and Ecstasy continues this wonderful trend. Right from first spray you get this great floral bouquet. This is a great blend, but the rose is most prominent to me. As the scent settles the florals die down a bit and you start to get green notes, and maybe some musk as well. This is a great fragrance, whether male or female, if you like florals, this is the one for you.

Edward Coleman
A nice smell for all occasions

This scent has a good overall scent and has good longevity. I would recommend it to anyone who likes darker ,less fruiter scents that have a musk type Vive.