Devilish is the feeling you obtain from being naughty, super confident, great smelling, superwoman syndrome, I-can-do-it-all type of feelings all put together. For this scent we started up with some fresh coffee to wake your senses (and everyone else) to the maximum while providing a soothing familiar scent everybody loves. Mandarin to chill things down while still providing a semi sweet/fresh feeling to the party along with Amyris, Tonka and Vanilla to give it a solid base. Patchouli then comes into play as a bad ass bottom note to round things up and keep them together. Playful, Seductive, Devilish promises to bring out the outmost confident woman hiding in your soul. It will also drop many, MANY jaws hehe... Something well worth checking out for the woman that wants to protrude a confident identity full of sexiness, femininity everywhere and an alluring aura of magic elixir when walking by. 


Notes: Bergamot, Amyris, Mandarin Orange, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Pink Pepper, Vetiver.

Customer Reviews

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Pleasently, surprised by how much I liked this scent. It was more masculine than I expected.

Gift for my picky man

He’s picky as hell and snooty about what he wear. His scents colognes especially he is very particular about. I blind bought him devilish hoping he would like it and WOW! We BOTH fell in love with the fragrance! It’s spicy and sexy! It’s so damn sexy!!! I put my nose to the sprayer and could smell it develop on my nose into something magical! It’s a perfect 10/10 ! Men will love it and women will fall for it! Sexy! Confident! And In demand is any man who wears this stunner!

Michael DeVose
Fall Masterpiece!

Love, Love, Love! My nose is not sophisticated, I can distinguish a few notes/accords here and there. I do know a great fragrance when i smell one. I bought this based on a review by Demi Rawlings on YouTube one of the things I recall her saying was "Oh my Gosh", or something to that effect. I seccond that. This is going to be one of my go-to fragrances this fall. The patchouli in this fragrance is subtle yet noticeable. I could smell the patchouli in my own scent trail as I walked around my office at work. If you like earthy, subtly sweet, mildly spicy scents this wont disappoint.

James Mendoza

Beautiful scent. projects well ladies love it. you been warned use with caution. without further due beast mode fragrance. must have for the true fragrance enthusiast.

Ashleigh D

When I first smelled Devilish out of the bottle, I thought it felt a little too masculine and soapy to wear as a sexy fragrance like I was expecting. However, after layering this with caramel overdose, I'm in LOVE. I feel like a badass woman whenever I put this combo on, and it wears down absolutely beautifully. My boyfriend has tried this as well on it's own and although he doesn't like patchouli, I love how warm and fresh it smells on him. I would recommend trying a sample of this before buying an entire bottle, though. It can definitely be polarizing (like I mentioned, my boyfriend HATES it whereas I'm in love with the scent)