Ancient Amber


This is a single note fragrance based on Amber.

“Admired for its charm and grace, it has been given various names on who can write poetry and say words of praise. The words such as Tears of the sun, Tiger's soul, Hardened honey, Petrified light, Window to the past, Nordic gold and many more. According to scientists Amber is fossilized tree resin that has taken millions of years to form.”

A multi-faceted aroma such as amber, reminiscent of warm sweet vanilla with a woody and creamy accord makes the best partner for a lot of today’s fragrances. Amber will add longevity, sweetness and intensity to the fragrance you layer it with. It goes amazingly well with flowery, woody, spicy, and oud fragrances. Layering amber is like adding a gold and diamonds pendant to a rusty chain. The rusty chain part being a less luxurious fragrance and adding a very luxurious feeling to it.

Our customers' most popular picks to layer Ancient Amber with are – First Kiss, Devilish, Audacity, Ecstacy, Mia’s Blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dawn Strongman
Amazing Amber

I received my sample set & wanted to try this one out. Once I had it on I couldn’t stop smelling it it smelled so good. Sweet, spicy amber. It reminded me so much if something I smelled before. Was it Feve Delicieuse? I have a sample of that. Not an exact dupe, I feel if you like that you will like Ancient Amber. It was bugging me for a day until I saw my Floriku Sound of a Ricochet. Ancient Amber is a pretty good dupe for Floriku, maybe a bit more amber-ey.

shara brown

The best smelling and long lasting amber fragrance I have ever worn. I get so many compliments. I will definitely be ordering more.

Erin Curry

I have a very large perfume collection. Recently I’ve been on a quest to find the “perfect amber”. I have spent over $1000 buying different niche ambers, hoping I would find THE one. Everything always has some flaw - Too powdery. Too smokey. Too much tonka. Too masculine. Etc.
I decided to buy a bottle of Ancient Amber for good measure. It came today and THIS IS IT! The most perfect and beautiful amber I have ever smelled! I am thrilled that I can finally end my search! I have found the perfect amber. I knew it was out there! 💕💕💕 Thank you.

Lovely amber scent!

I have loved amber perfumes for years.. I remember going to the new age store and buying amber resin to rub on my pulse points as perfume. On my skin, this smells almost exactly like that. Warm, comforting, sexy. I love it - I can't wait to get a full bottle of this!

Nyia Thompson
This Amber is Amazing

I have always loved amber scents. Some are just so-so & others give you the feels in all the right ways. Ancient Amber is one of those "good feels" scents. It has just the right amount of sweet amber to not make it harsh, but not enough sweetness to disrupt layering it with fresh scents, especially if you aren't a fan of sweet scents. I have worn it by itself and have received compliments by both men & women. I have also layered it with Seductive Tuberose & Forbidden Jasmine, I've layered it with Mia's Blend and I've also just put Vanilla Dreams and Geneva Chocolate with it and oh man... this Ancient Amber is absolutely AMAZING. Such a great sexy yet warm and comforting scent. I will always keep a bottle of this in my perfume collection.