Naughty Angel
Naughty Angel
Naughty Angel
Naughty Angel - Inspired by Killian's Good Girl Gone Bad

Naughty Angel

Inspired by Killian's Good Girl Gone Bad

Size: Travel Spray
Travel Spray

Introducing "Naughty Angel" a fragrance inspired by the iconic "Good Girl Gone Bad" by Kilian, designed for the woman who navigates the delicate dance between innocence and audacity. This scent celebrates the duality within, offering a narrative in each drop, a story of transformation from light to daring darkness.

The Composition:

"Naughty Angel"

weaves a tale of contrasts through its intricate layers, starting with the purity of its top notes, journeying through its bold heart, and settling into a deep, resonant base.

Top Notes:

  • White Jasmine: A symbol of purity and delicacy, its presence introduces the fragrance with a touch of innocence.
  • Sweet Lychee: Adds a burst of freshness and sweetness, invigorating the senses with its fruity, vibrant essence.

Middle Notes:

  • Spicy Red Pepper: This note introduces the rebellion, adding a fiery, captivating twist that signals the transition of the narrative.
  • Moroccan Rose: At the heart lies the rebel, the Moroccan rose, full and sumptuous, embodying the fragrance's daring and complexity.

Base Notes:

  • Smoky Oud Wood: Grounding the scent is the smoky allure of oud wood, rich and mysterious, it adds depth and endurance.
  • Seductive Amber: Wrapping the composition in its warm embrace, amber offers a lingering sensuality and a velvet finish.

"Naughty Angel"

is a fragrance that captures the essence of a woman's evolving story, from the innocence of dawn to the boldness of dusk. It's a tribute to the fearless, the dreamers, and the rebels. Each note is carefully chosen to represent the journey of transformation, blending seamlessly to create a scent that is both a declaration and an enigma.

Adorn yourself with "Naughty Angel " and let it be a testament to your multifaceted nature, a reminder that you are both the light and the shadow, the bloom and the thorn. This fragrance is your armor and your essence, perfect for any occasion that calls for a hint of mystery and a wealth of confidence.

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