Officially Introducing our new Bottle

We’d like to officially introduce you to our new bottle.

A bottle that works incredibly hard to keep fragrances fresher with its thicker glass, that not only does it protect the fragrance from sunlight, allergens and pollutants entering it, but it keeps it safe from most normal accidental drops. (don't throw it on the ground please)

We are happy to announce that our new bottle looks even better than the old one. With a state of the art wooden cap and our imprinted signature “L” logo on top, smooth glass finishing and made specifically for holding fragrances and keeping them fresh it will take your fragrance collection game to the next level. The new bottles hold about 58ml of juice. That being said, it is less product by 2ml only, but it is only a small sacrifice to obtain something to be proud to show on your shelf, vanity, or even take out of your purse. Better for you in almost every single way! Our re-designed re-invented and ruggedly invigorated bottle will be sure to please all of our clients.


  • Becky

    I have been visiting their site for some time now and I see their prices are rising, not only for the fragrances but for shipping as well, it used to be free shipping over $75 now it’s $95, they’re also taking away ml from the bottles and leaving the same price. This is kind of a concern for those people who wanted a good affordable option for a perfume dupe and how it’s just not that affordable anymore. This company is tryna be slick and it’s not appreciated.

  • Frances

    The new bottle is beautiful but, losing 2 ounces of your fragrances is not attractive. I recently started purchasing from your line because I was told that it’s economical and of good quality. Are you planning on adjusting the prices on the new bottles due to the ounces lost? We’ll we have the option to purchase fragrances from the original bottle?

  • Jorge

    looks Good, better

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