Pure Love (Vault Members)

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Pure love exudes a mystical, exotic, yet completely heartwarming feeling. The opening with sweet white tuberose plays the perfect partner for the yellow ylang-ylang, a truly unique "sensual" experience. In addition pure love has a never before mastered sweet agave accord pumped with a subtle vanilla extract that leaves one breathless on contact. The bottom notes solidify the composition with a touch of white musk and light woody notes with a spritz of mandarin oranges to brighten up this magical fragrance. An experience like no other, pure love is Layered's newest and most awaited original creation to date! The wait is over and the gates of heaven have opened! Come get your piece of mystical dreamy deliciousness.


Notes: Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Mandarin Orange, Agave Syrup, Woody notes, Musk, Vanilla