August are here and we are super excited to grab a shovel and dig up the 21 best "missed" Hidden Gems here at Be Layered, where we will help everyone get a chance to learn about some the fragrances in our inventory that are amazing but are not talked about much. The Be Layered team along with Linae have hand picked 21 fragrances that we reaaaaally think all of our Be Layered family should experience at least ONCE.

On Wednesday August 11th and in every live from then on for 21 weeks until the end of the year, we will present everyone with one of these Hidden Gems and offer special incentives as well as an in depth review of the fragrance by Linae in her live video on our. Join the fun here --> Add Me to The Group

You can sign up for reminders of the live videos. Remind Me of the Event! Enough talk here, let's meet our Hidden Gem #2... 


This is a single note fragrance, based on the Tulip note

Now cancel all plans for Wednesday August 11th 6PM Pacific Time, 9PM Eastern Standard Time and grab some popcorn, a glass of wine and sit somewhere comfy as we take you in a journey through our 2nd hidden gem.

Remember there will be FREE bottle giveaways, Discounts and much more on the live, so make sure not to miss it!

Hope to see y'all there!

Be Layered.