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Welcome to Layered Fragrances! Layered is a premium fragrance house for all perfume lovers. We make unique and exotic Eau de Parfum that empower our customers to feel devine. The company started in 2018 as a side project that catered to people who requested custom made fragrances. Today, Layered serves thousands of customers around the world, our products are still 100% handcrafted, and freshly made to order. We're headquartered in Los Angeles, California but our journey started in Cairo, Egypt.



Founder Story

In 2002, after graduating school, Hany Hafez decided to open his first boutique in Cairo, Egypt. Then in 2010, Hany picked up his bags and journeyed to Europe. Finally, a year later he found his new home in the United States and opened his first storefront in 2012 in Los Angeles, called ZMZM Fragrances.

Hany's dedication and passion to offer breakthrough fragrances lead him to open his current online store, and in 2018 Layered was born. 

Layered Fragrances was created as an alternative to high-end, overpriced luxury fragrances. It gave perfume lovers who didn't have bottomless purses access to luxurious, high quality fragrances at affordable prices that empowered them to feel classy and beautiful.

Hany loves serving people, and understanding the importance of smelling divine is in his DNA. As a little boy in Egypt, Hany grew up watching his family mix oils and handcraft fragrances every day, as his family owned a series of fragrance boutiques in Cairo. That’s how Hany developed his skill for perfume creation, after his grandfather and uncles. With Layered, he found that working for people who love perfume gave him the freedom to be more creative and adapt quickly to their preferences.

So in 2018, Hany decided to shutter ZMZM Fragrances and focus exclusively on Layered. 

Hany believes that self-expression is the dominant necessity of human nature.  And authenticity is the daily habit of letting go of who we think we're supposed to be, and embracing who we are...which explains our slogan, "Express Yourself". Thus, each and every fragrance is named with an evocative feeling and intricately formulated to bring you back to that reminiscent moment in time.


Which Fragrance is For You?

Please take a moment to watch one of the three videos below to learn which fragrances in our house best suit you. Welcome Layered Fragrances and welcome to the Family!


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