"7 Samples of Choice" Sampler Set (5ml each sample)


Want to try one of our fragrances? Why not try 7 of them!

Discover the new and exciting, thrilling world of Layered fragrances with this unique discovery set.

Featuring 5ml travel-appropriate spray vials of 7 fragrances of your choice

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great option !

The sample sets offered by Be Layered are a wonderful way to try their fragrances before you buy a full size bottle. Other dupe places offer a pre-selected version or NO version at all. I like the option. Of the 7 I received, I would buy 3 of them in a full size.

Nice sampler Set

Loved !!! Had to get the full bottles!!!

did not like any scents:(

I was really excited to try these and ordered 2 of the sampler sets that included: Sandalicious, F@ck Me, Caramel Overdose, Cherry Delight, Vanilla Dreams, Gelato, Coconut Paradise, Close Encounter, Luscious Strawberry, C'est La Vie, Prickly Lemon, Raspberry Fizz, Caramel Overdose Prive and Serendipity. Unfortunately I didn't like any of them! Gelato was probably the best, but not great and not one I would really ever wear. Honestly they each had a similar cheap smell quality - reminded me of an old perfume I used to wear when I was a little girl called tinkerbell! When I didn't like any of them I put them back in the boxes they came in and stored it in a dry cool space for the past 3 months, thinking they may just need some time and would smell different after settling. 3.5 months have now passed and I was wrong. They still don't smell good. I'm really dissapointed but also glad I tried the samples first instead of buying a full size. Anyone else thinking of buying try the samples first! I found none of them smelled good or as they were described.


I wanted to sample Creed, that wasn't possible and I am obsessed with BR540 and Delina. These are soooo good and spot on. I loooove these, as I own Delina and BR540, I was amazed. I will be back when I get the next amazing coupon.

Love it

Very long last and it stays with you it truly smell that the real thing so many Compliments