Runaway Love


This is THE scent you want to leave on your lover's sheets when you leave the next morning! This original Be Layered masterpiece lasts all day and then some! It starts as a soft pink rose by the beach. Subtle but it always shows its presence. It introduces some fruits like sweet red apple and a splash of mandar mixed with a swift aroma of lychee that are kissed by silky sandalwood. Extra good, extra feminine and REALLY long lasting. Tip: Give this one some time as it gets better and better as the minutes and hours go by. It everchanging from fruity to soft rose to fresh out the shower to the most amazing drydown yet! Once again it is such a soft and sophisticated fragrance that even if you overspray you will be in a soft pink cloud of heavenly aromas. That lover will be chasing you forever when he gets a sniff of this baby.


Notes: Sandalwood, Rose, Lychee, Apple, Egyptian aquatic notes.