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Christmas In Egypt
Christmas In Egypt

Christmas In Egypt

Regular price $53.95

An original creation from Layered. Christmas in Egypt contains multiple facets of scents around the air. Sweet mouthwatering Praline from the fabulous deserts everywhere, fresh cut cedar trees used to build canoes for the Nile River to bring longevity to the mix. Pink pepper from the kitchens making a feast for the Christmas eve celebration. A fresh bouquet of flowers surrounding the city in this most awaited moment. With fresh fruits on the table for everybody to nosh on makes a true complex fragrance that smells truly unique, joyful and amazing, just like an Egyptian Christmas. 


This original creation was made by our very own CEO Hany Hafez. Being from Egypt himself, he was able to create this masterpiece from his very own nose and personal memories. A true piece of art that will have you smelling amazing ALL DAY LONG. 


Notes: Praline, Cedar, Pink Pepper, Egyptian Flowers, Fruity Notes From Cairo.


Layer with: Insane Pineapple to add more fruits and freshness to the experience.


Layer with: Prime Patchouli to give it more depth and maturity for business or formal events.

Layer with: Forbidden Jasmine to create an irresistible flowery combination and add femininity to the mix. 

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