Sunshine Vibes


This masterpiece captures the flawless scent of fresh ripe fruits warmed by the bright sunshine coming through the leafs. These leafs are white tobacco leafs. A weird aspect but when blended together it becomes warm and exotic. But Sunshine Vibes doesn't just stop at fruits, it adds a little bit of pistachio ice cream to the mix, giving off a beautiful and creamy sweetness to settle down any harshness. Then as the base shows up to the party it brings a bunch of friends like Jasmine, Mangnolia, Gorgeous Osmanthus and Sweet Juniper. As these notes may seem like a lot to handle, Sunshines Vibes promises a once in a lifetime experience with its magically blended notes. As stated before a masterpiece in perfumery and a must try for any day you need a little more sunshine in your life. 

Inspired by Amouage's Sunshine Woman

Notes: Osmanthus, Almond, Vanilla, White Tobacco, Black Currant, Artemisia, Papyrus, Juniper, Patchouli, Magnolia, Jasmine

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Valerie Dunn
RESTOCK...Desperate in Northern California

Hello Belayered. I am waiting with patiences for this parfume to come out of Sold out. Please bring back the Sunshine! thank you.

Beautiful Scent

I just received my 10 ml vial of Sunshine Vibes. I really like it. It reminds me of the original Flower Bomb and Hanae Mori pink butterfly. I love the almond vanilla in here. Its sweet and beautiful. I’ll definitely buy a full sized bottle next time.

Sunshine vibes

Ok, so I just recieved my order of sunshine vibes. I'm blown away with these gorgeous high quality scent. This was a blind buy and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but I felt it was something I'd like. I absolutely LOVE it. 💛 This is my 1st buy from Be layered. I've bought too many to mention from AF. Best blind buy yet! Not only am I totally blown away with scent but the level of service was very impressive. I received text messages from the time I ordered that keep me updated. It was even delivered a day early. Fast shipping. I was more impressed with BL service than AF, eventhough I know they're the same company. I will be ordering more. Sunshine vibes is a real beauty. Sweet, yet fresh, and so pretty without being overly floral. Just blended beautifully. This is some quality smelling juice! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Soft and Sexy

I am not really good at addressing all the notes as other reviewers have done. I had a sample of Amouage Sunshine woman and decided to try this based on YT reviewers and positive reviews on the site. I was really impressed with the presentation although I only bought the travel size. It smells so soft and sexy to me. Well, blended and the tobacco notes are subtle to me. I am enjoying on the super hot days in the south and will see how it performs in the winter months to come.


I have a pretty decent size perfume collection. I keep this bottle in the forefront easy access I absolutely love the scent.