Fatal Attraction


A serial pleaser in seduction. Powerful yet simple and professional. Sweet and Moist Watery Jasmine from Cambodia, tagging along with Rich, Warm and Sensual Amber. This perfect combination will have everyone guessing what is it that smells SO DAMN GOOD. And oh yea, it's YOU! Throw a little wink at them to let them know you are that beautiful person that irradiates the poison that will captivate their heart and soul and Bam! The job is done. Good work soldier, time for the next victim.

Notes: Cambodian Jasmine, Amber, Cashmere Wood


Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous …and, LONG LASTING!

This very complex, slightly musky, soft, seductive fragrance makes me swoon. THE BEST part is, unlike 99% of other fragrances, it stays for a VERY long time, and, its lingering presence delights me. I applied it this morning, before work, and am still luxuriating in the scent, as I type, at 1:22am. This fragrance is SO stunning and addictive, I had to buy two more bottles. Yeah…I’m a Fatal Attraction hoarder, because, in the event it is discontinued, I know I’d be hard pressed to find a fragrance of comparable quality (-or performance). I can’t be without it…it actually improves my quality of life. No hyperbole. Please try a sample.

Pam Kalamaja
Wow! Alien but better

If purple had a smell this would be it! Alien, but better. A blast of sweet, sweet Jasmine up front with a delicious warm dry down. I love this.


This is sooooo sexy to me! It’s musky and sultry but not in a heavy way but fresh. It reminds me of something I’ve smelled before but I will take this for the winning. These scents are absolute stunters! Be Layered is getting all my money these days. Thank you for making these materpieces!

How is there not more reviews?

OMG. This is just the most beautiful, intoxicating, addictive scent. Warm, woodsy jasmine, thats basically the smell. I just keep sniffing my arm when I first sampled this. I need to get the full bottle of this. I think this is a even safer blind buy then first kiss (first kiss is beautiful), I cant see anyone not loving this.

Lesley Rosario
Soft & Sexy

This really was a surprise. I have 10 belayered fragrances and Fatal Attraction wasnt at the top of my list but now I find myself reaching for it almost every day. Perfect for summer it's so long lasting and projects. Always get compliments when wearing it! I will be purchasing another bottle soon!