Eden Rose


This is a single note fragrance based on Rose.

Fresh from the gardens!

A voluptuous Bulgarian Rose scent that is bar none the most fresh-just-picked-for-you-still-wet-with-morninig-dew Rose, you will ever find. Rockstar performance, subtle yet powerful, sweet yet fresh, the juxtapositions that this scent brings will drive most people crazy! If you ever wanted to smell like a real rose and not a synthetic old lady rose. Please! pick this one out of our garden!

Customer Reviews

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Norma Sánchez

Eden Rose


Eden Rose is the best, freshest rose perfume I have ever smelled. I am currently sitting beside a three dozen bouquet of red roses my children gave me for Mother's Day. My entire wardrobe room smells of fresh cut roses. Absolutely beautiful! This perfume rivals how good the actual roses smell. It is not an "Old Granny", dated fragrance. It is a very fresh and uplifting fragrance. I must buy a back-up!


This Eden Rose is something special! I don't know how Be Layered does it but they nail it every time! This rose is different and sexy as hell! I love rose scents but this one I'm definitely in love with. I will be reaching for this alot until my sample runs out and get a full bottle of this rose magic. I can't wait to pair this with Stinky Rose and smell the finish. I haven't sampled anything from here that doesn't smell short of AMAZING!

Gaby C
Amazing Rose

I usually am not a huge fan of florals, but Eden Rose is super bubbly and feminine. I think there is enough depth to wear this one solo. When I first spray it, its a little sharp and smells a bit fruity. As it dries down, the sharpness goes away and you are left with a beautiful take on rose that projects well. It lasts well on my skin (6+ hours of good projection, after that a skin scent), but I always spray on my clothes as well for extra longevity.

Freaking fantastic!!

Let me start out by saying, I hate Rose scented perfumes most smell old and are so outdated, Tea Rose almost gagged me, Joy by Jean Patou was horrible smelling but Montale Crystal Flowers smells a lot like this but way to costly. Eden Rose is now a Signature beside my beloved EL Beautiful. This is how you do Rose way to go Be Layered. I’ll be back for many more.