Vanilla Dreams

Sweet, boozy, yet refined like the most extravagant pastry fresh out of the oven. This perfectly balanced concoction of natural vanilla oils makes the best partner for all of your layering dreams. Its soothing yet strong character allows it to be worn in any setting and time of day. Wear it solo or with its perfect partner. Vanilla Dream will have you salivating the moment you spray it.

Customer Reviews

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Doesn't smell like vanilla. Very longlasting

Some people might like this scent but I was disappointed. I bought based on a youtube sponsored video. It recommended that if you love vanilla then this would be "straight up vanilla". This does not smell like vanilla but it is very sweet. Unfortunately I can't get around the fact that it smells like the scent they put in portable potties. I started using it in my bathroom and it would last for so, so long. It fills up the room. Two sprays on your body would probably leave you with a long-lasting noticeable scent. Some of the reviews saying it smells like maybe vanilla mixed with coconut are kind of true. Mixed with something artifical smelling though. I still don't know what I'm going to use this big bottle for. The scent is bothering to me. I wanted vanilla but I got porta-potty. That factory sweet scent that is sometimes in dolls hair or washrooms. Hope this description makes sense.

Lindsay Kreutter

I’d really like to see the spec sheets for the “natural vanilla oils” used in this product because for starters, this is completely clear and anything with a vanilla content has at least a tinge of brown from the natural compound. This smells strongly of artificial coconut and vanillin, waxy and again powdery. The name and description of this feels almost dishonest at this point

Sharon Lee
Very well done fragrance

This is a very enjoyable fragrance

Natasha Beri
Order not received

I love all of the purchases I’ve made but until I receive my order I can not in good conscience put in a review for this fragrance

JoLena Epps
Smells interesting

This fragrance smells sweet. It’s not a vanilla extract scent but rather a sweet coconut vanilla scent. The dry down is a bit powdery.